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The birth of a child is always the birth of a parent and the birth of a family and thus constitutes one of the most life-changing transformative periods.

I frequently refer to birth as a journey here because I consider myself your ‘travel companion’ on this journey. While I don’t think that it’s possibly to ‘plan’ everything for this trip, we can prepare together.

Above all, this is YOUR journey and my job is to support all of your decisions concerning the preparation and preferences on how you wish this journey to take place. While I will accompany you at all times, it is not my journey and I won’t influence, change, or determine this journey in any way. Instead, I see my role mostly as that of your ‘space holder’, making sure that you can focus on birthing in a space where you feel peaceful and secure. My main task is to accompany and support you on this path emotionally and physically from beginning to end during your birth journey, continuously strengthening your self-determination, regardless of whether you are giving birth to your baby in a hospital, a birthing center, or at home.

During your pregnancy:

During pregnancy, I will support you in providing you with sufficient information about your birth options (e.g. places of birth, options for pain relief, relaxation techniques, etc.) and I will actively assist you in planning the birth you want. Depending on how far your pregnancy is, we will meet in two to three preliminary talks, in which we get to know each other better and discuss your wishes (and concerns) in detail.

I encourage you to trust your very own intuition (e.g. through methods such as birth meditations and self-hypnosis) and to lovingly maintain and celebrate the connection between you and your baby. I am also happy to support your partner in actively participating in birth planning. My wish is to consolidate your belief in your power to give birth and to turn any worries into joy. Most of all, I want to remind you that your birth can be self-determined, conscious, and dignified regardless of where it takes place.


During your birth journey:

Ten days before the calculated due date, I start to be on call for your birth. From now on I can be reached immediately until the day your child is born. During the birth, I will accompany you continuously from the time you want until your baby is born. I am by your side, no matter how long your birth takes! It is very important to me to design the birth environment in such a way that you feel safe and secure. I will empathetically help you through the labour with breathing, relaxation and concentration exercises, massages or suggestions for birth positions or remind you of the birth affirmations that you have chosen.

I’m also very happy to support your partner in finding his / her role during the birth and I try to enable you to have an intimate birth experience as a couple. If you wish, I take photos during your birth and shortly after the baby is born so that you can remember all of the moments that made up your birth journey better.


During your ‘fourth trimester’:

I will visit your home for at least one follow-up meeting in which we will revisit your birth experience together in detail. I will answer all of the questions you have when you start motherhood. You will also receive a detailed, personal birth report from me.

Important to know:

I do not replace your partner or your midwife. I’m a member of your personal ‘birth team’ chosen by you (and your partner). I don’t perform any medical functions like doctors and midwives, so I can concentrate fully on your needs.

It is very important to me to offer support to queer (LGBTQI) people and their families through pregnancy, childbirth and the fourth trimester.

I also accompany womxn during desired caesarean sections, miscarriages, stillbirths, premature births, and abortions. I also support single parents, teenage mothers, traumatised womxn and/or womxn who have experienced abuse or violence.


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