Kim is absolutely amazing and I don’t know how I could have gotten through the birth of my first daughter without her. She is personable, compassionate, trustworthy, dependable, comfortable to be around, the list goes on! My labor lasted over 60 hours and she stayed by me from start to finish (with a few hours break where she arrange to have another doula in her place). She provided so much needed support and comfort during labor. She held my hand as I tried to nap through contractions. She was there to vouched for me and my birth plan wishes and helped with translation (I don’t speak German). I’ve realized from my experience that doulas and midwives are nothing short of angels and Kim was definitely my angel!

Shasha, 35 years old, mum of Penelope (* August 2019)

We are ever so grateful for Kim who is an incredibly proficient, empathetic and experienced doula. She contributed significantly to this powerful, healing and peaceful pregnancy and birthing journey with our second daughter. When I found out that I was pregnant again, I knew that I wanted the support of a doula for this birth. My first daughter was born via an emergency caesarean section and I needed lots of emotional and practical support during this second pregnancy and birth. Kim accompanied me through all ups and downs – pregnancy complications, fears, coming to terms with the 1st birth, wishes for the 2nd birth, organizing a mother’s blessing, even birth preparation for my husband, etc.. Kim was always 100% available and present. She gave advice and passed on her knowledge and always managed to find the right words when I felt doubtful, especially because I was planning for a #vbac birth. We are both very grateful to Kim because, despite the various challenges during Covid-19, she has continuously been with us and passed on skills, knowledge and emotional support. As a result, we always felt supported in OUR own ideas and were free to make our decisions known to our providers. The birth was ultimately a very healing, beautiful and powerful experience for me. Every woman should have a Kim as a doula!

Marianne, mum of Aura (* July, 2020)



    When we were preparing for the birth of our daughter, it already became clear that my husband would not be able to accompany me to the labour ward. I couldn’t imagine going into labour alone. I spoke to Kim about my thoughts many times during my pregnancy. Her knowledge has always been a helpful guide to me and I have always trusted her thoughts. When she offered to accompany me during the birth, I had the feeling that she would be just the right person by my side. My daughter announced her birth at 3AM at night when my waters broke. This was a lucky coincidence because there was enough time for Kim to travel from Frankfurt to Berlin. We had expected our daughter to arrive four weeks later and were a little taken by surprise. After 12 hours of no contractions, I was induced which caused rapid labour. I was very excited and breathed through the contractions with Kim by my side. However, the mood in the room changed with every minute – the midwives and doctors became tense and nervous. My daughter responded to every contraction with a faint heartbeat. Kim often spoke to the gynecologist and midwives for me to get more information as I was put on the CTG for a long time. She mediated, calmed me down, and kept informing me about what was happening. It quickly became clear that a Cesarean section was my only option. In all of the hustle and bustle, Kim was the calming rock for me. She accompanied me to the operating room, commented on the birth, held my hand, was my mouthpiece and was there for my baby in the first minutes of her life. When my daughter was placed on my chest after the first quick check-up, we watched her open her eyes together, admired the movements of her hands, and listened to the first sounds she uttered. Kim took a few photos of those unique moments that I still look at a lot today. After the surgery, Kim accompanied us to the maternity ward, served me a cheese sandwich, and spent the first night with us, which gave me a sense of security in this incredibly breathtaking situation.

     Corinna, 33 years old, mum of Celine (* October, 2018)

    Kim looked after me through pregnancy and beyond like it was her own pregnancy. She was my doula and best friend at the same time, always at my side at any time of the day or night without – and that was very important to me – trying to impose a certain opinion on me. I could trust her blindly, be openly angry, but also be full of joy about the arrival of my baby. I never felt like any of my questions were ‘too much’ or ‘stupid’ and I’m so grateful for that! Kim organised a baby shower party for me that couldn’t have been nicer. Everything was so lovingly designed and thought through. She put a lot of energy and time into this celebration and gave me an unforgettable day. Even though Kim was pregnant herself, she made time for all my problems and fears and always had the right words of encouragement. With her as your doula you have a reliable and loyal friend by your side who is fully committed to the psychological, emotional, and physical well-being of mother and child.

     Laura, 30 years old, mum of Caroline (* September, 2017)





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